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Glasgow Middle School Eagles - American History/Mathematics
  In American history classes, the students are studying the reasons that led to the establishment of the original thirteen colonies, including escape from religious persecution, economic opportunity, release from prison, and military adventure.  The students will discuss the climate and geographic features that distinguished the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies from each other and the economical and political connections with England.

The Students will follow this study by reading and discussing the causes and outcomes of the American Revolutionary War. Important Individuals and events throughout the era will be highlighted: Samuel Adams, Boston Tea Party, John Adams, Lexington and Concord, George Washington, Declaration of Independence, Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Yorktown, Treaty of Paris, etc.
  Students interested in any topics being discussed in class can do further research at home and create informational posters and/or write reports about their findings.

   Students should review their lessons each evening to reinforce what has been taught in school.

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