goldmanclass Mrs. Goldman
St. Laurence Catholic School Spanish
                                     1 de Abril de 2001`

                 Llego la Primavera

Grades: Fourth B, and C

I can't believe we are already starting our last quarter.  I hope every one is ready to work hard.  Let's give Spanish our best effort!

We are learning to express actions in the future. Text book page 98 Ex. I am going to play- Yo voy a jugar.
We are also learning to conjugate verbs that end in Ar in Spanish:  Hablar (to talk), caminar (to walk), estudiar (to study), usar (to use). This week 4/2/01 we will finish chapter 4.
  WE WILL HAVE A TEST ON THE VERBS AND VOCABULARY on Tuesday, April 10 or Wednesday April 11, whenever they have Spanish.    

Please check their Spanish workbooks they will be responsable for pages 53 to 59.  The progress report grade will be based on the test and the workbook.

Vocabulary lesson four please practice the matching card game on my page at

  5a, and 5b

Fifth Graders are stepping up to the challenge of conjugating AR,Er, and Ir Verbs Text Book page.212
We will finish chapter nine in the next two weeks.
We will have an exam either on Tuesday April 10 or Wednesday the 11 whenever they have Spanish class.

Please check that pages 129 to 136 in the workbook are finished by April 18th.  Their progress report grade will be based on the test and the workbook.

Vocabulary for Chapter Nine is in my web page Flash card game. http://www.quia,com/jg/120535.html
Please have them play the game so they can learn the vocabulary.

Spanish II

Spanish II is having a Test on Chapter 12 on Tuesday April 3th.
Vocabulary can be practice in the flash card game on my web site.
We have finish our Textbook.  The next four weeks we will be reviewing verb conjugations in present and past tense, Commands, direct and indirect object pronouns.  Reading,  writing, and conversation will be emphasized.  Students will be responsible for a simple project on Costa Rica after they watch a movie on Costa Rica.


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