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Episcopal School Pre-Algebra Grading Criteria
The grading criteria for Pre-Algebra is listed below for each quarter.

200 - 300 Points         Chapter Tests (100 Points/Test)

~ 100 Points             Announced Section Quizzes

~ 100 Points             Unannounced Notebook Quizzes*

~ 150 Points             Homework Completion**

Each quarter is 40% of the semester grade with the exam making up the final 20%.

* Notebook quizzes consist of copying problems from a notebook by date, page number, and problem number.  The entire problem, correct work and correct answer must be copied to receive credit.  Notebook quizzes will be worth 10 points each.  Make-ups for notebook quizzes will not be given and therefore any missed notebook quiz grade will not be used to calculate an average.

** Homework grades will be given for completing homework.  Each assignment will be worth 5 points.  A fully tempted assignment will receive 5 points.  Partial credit will be given in proportion to the amount of work completed.  Late work will only be accepted for an absence.  Late work for any other reason will receive a zero.  Students should remember that turning in work after an absence is their responsibility!
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