goodwyn Mrs. Goodwyn
Grant Elementary School third grade teacher


I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Spring Break.. It is time to resume our regular schedule of classwork and homework.  We will be starting a unit on the wetlands, which will continue until the end of school.  during the next two weeks, Martha Haynes and I will again be teaming up to do a unit on animal reports.  The focus will be on research and vocabulary.Three of the sessions will be filmed to use as teacher training I'll send a permission slip home on May 1.

We will be working on probability and statistics in math. I will also continue our work on division, leading into long division.  We have a bit of time left to prep the kids for fourth grade.
The kids were real troopers during testing.  Thanks to everyone for the snacks and help.  You will get the results of the tests in June.  Remember, this is just a one time snap shot of your child's abilities.  Be sure to view classroom work and reports home for a full picture.

The links to games have also been updated.  This week's spelling unit will be working on 'digraphs', which are unique sounds produced by two letters.  You will not hear the individual sounds of the letters in a digraph.

C.L.C. classes are up and running again this week.
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