Red Cloud Elementary Title I/Reading Recovery Instructor
Starting next week, we will begin a unit on E.B. White's classic book, Charlotte's Web. We will be reading the book and completing several activities that I think you will enjoy.

We will be trying something new with this unit. All assignments for this unit, along with complete instructions, are listed below.

* Students will learn more about story telling.
* Students will learn about children's authors and illustrators.
* Students will be introduced to the concept of completing projects, tests and homework via   the internet.

* Students will read and discuss a children's novel.
* Students will follow links to Internet sites to gather information and complete assignments.
* Students will write a story using the six traits of writing (ideas, organization, voice,
   sentence fluency, word choice and conventions).

Nebraska Reading/Writing Standards:
4.1.3, 4.1.4, 4.1.7, 4.1.8

*  The schedule for assignments to be completed is posted on the calendar below.
*  Read the novel "Charlotte's Web" that was handed out in class. The schedule of how
many chapters to read each week is posted on the calendar below. Read each day. Do not
put off reading the assigned chapters until the last day! The reading schedule on the calender is a guideline of the minimum you are to read. You are encouraged to read ahead if so desired. Be prepared to discuss the assigned chapters in class.
*  Complete the "track" assignment. Under the "useful links" section, click on "track." This will take you to a site with 4 links listed on the left side of the page. The displayed page should be the 1st link. Answer the questions at the top of the page and then go to the next site. You should be able to find the information you need to answer the questions on each site. You may use a word processing program or paper/pencil to complete the activity. Once you have answered the questions on all 4 sites, either hand in your paper/pencil version or print off your word processed version and hand it in. This assignment is not due until the end of the unit. However, I suggest you do one track site a week so you do not get behind.
*  Complete Worksheet 1 and Worksheet 2 listed under "useful links." Each worksheet has links that give you the information you need to complete the worksheet. This assignment should be completed with a word processing program.
*  Take the Quia quiz. Under "Quia Activities," click on the quiz link. This will take you to the on-line quiz. Follow the directions given to complete the quiz.
*  Complete the final project that we discussed in class. From the story, choose the character of Wilbur, Charlotte, Templeton, Fern or Avery. From your character's perspective, write a story of how they spent the days before the fair getting ready, as well as a personal account of the fair experience. In other words, you will become the character you select for the purpose of this assignment. Write in first person (example: I am Wilbur, etc.). Your story should be written using a word processing program and should be at least one full page (double spaced) using 12 pt. Times New Roman font. You will read your story to the class. Your story will be critiqued using the 6-traits writing system that we have been working on all year. A copy of the rubric I will be using to score your story is in the "useful links" section below.

Other Important Information:
*  You will be given time at school to work on your assignments. Computer lab time can
be spent working on activities. If you choose to use this time, make sure you take
note of the number of the computer from the rolling lab that you are working on. Save
any incompleted work in a place where you can retrieve it easily. Write down the name
of any files or folders you create so you can find information when you want it. Don't assume you will remember! Write it down!
*  You may work on any of the assignments at home. You may print out completed
assignments at home and bring them to hand in. If you choose to print your assignments
at school, make sure you print to the RICOH workroom computer. The rolling lab
computers have several options for printing, and you don't want your paper to print
up at the high school! Don't assume the correct printer is selected. It is your responsibility to print to the correct printer.
*  This unit is designed for you to have fun while you are learning. Please let me know if
you have any questions along the way. Good luck!

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