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Period 6 (Computer Tech. II): CLICK HERE for your video tutorials and instructions in order to begin your iMovie Digital Storytelling project!

I apologize for not being able to be there to get you started. I am home with strep throat today and I know I will be out Monday, Tuesday, and some or all of Wednesday as I am at the High School. Please carefully review the videos and tutorials so you can get started on your project. If you get to a stopping point you may work on your reading summaries. You MAY work in advance if you have time. Thanks!

Welcome to class! This is our online web page that is designed to allow students easy access to designated web sites, handouts, and information throughout the year. Quia activities are fun games that can assist you in the studying and learning of various subjects/topics. The useful links found at the bottom of the page are links that have been screened for students and may be visited in their spare time (once assignments are complete).

Important Links:

  • STEM Class Page HERE!
  • ART-TECH Class here!
  • Goshen Local Schools Homepage
  • ProgressBook Link
  • Required Reading Articles and Summary Form HERE!
  • Our curriculum includes, but is not limited to the following.....

    7th Grade CT II

    Emerging Technology Unit iMovie: Digital Storytelling (etc.) Podcasting With GarageBand Evaluating and Searching the Web Excel, Word, and PowerPoint

    6th Grade CT I

    Microtype: Alphabetic Keyboarding Mastery Word Processing: Letters, reports, signs, etc. PowerPoint: Basic Skills Bibliography Maker Basic online search strategies Computer apps, connectivity, troubleshooting, etc.

    If YOU Want to ROCK the OAA... CLICK HERE... This is fun... and it MIGHT even make you smarter!

    Emerging Technology Video: How Technology Has Impacted American Culture

    Podcasting with Garageband

  • STEP 1
  • STEP 2
  • STEP 3

  • Goshen

    Search & Win

    My Quia activities and quizzes
    COMPUTER TECH.: Learn Mac Shortcuts
    Computer Social and Ethical Issues
    Technology Hangman
    Computer Parts - Rags to Riches
    Computer Basics
    Computer and Internet Terminology
    Writing Process
    Emerging Technologies
    Science Stumpers
    Simple word problems with percents
    Multiplication and Division of Fractions
    Egyptian People Places and Things
    U.S. measurement conversions
    Age of Exploration
    Metric Measurement Millionaire Game!
    Math: Using Number Patterns, Fractions, and Ratios
    Acceptable Use Policy
    Probability Battleship
    Poetry Battleships
    Useful links
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