gowest Mrs. Gratz
Morristown-Hamblen High School West Business/Computer Teacher
>CENTER>Introduction to Programming - CPSC 1230

This class will be more difficult than the previous class. It is necessary that
~YOU read all assigned text,
~YOU take and keep all notes,
~YOU attend class every day
~YOU complete all assignments
~If you choose to leave early, no make-up will be allowed unless you have a doctor's excuse
~No make-up will be accepted past the number of days allowed by the Assertive Discipline policy

Just like in math class, every day you build on what you learned the day before.  Therefore it is necessary for you to give me your "undivided" during class time.  Work that cannot be completed during class time must be completed before class the following day.  You may have to visit the WSCC library to work on their computers.  I am in the classroom most days by 7:35 a.m.; however, I rarely can remain in the afternoon past 3:20 p.m.


Monday, April 3

On page 82-83, set up a form and write the code to answer the problems 45-52.  Put a REM statement at the beginning of each problem to identify it.  Example: '45.  Do all problems in the same project.  Save as Page82Ex45-52.  Complete problems 53-58.  Each of these problems should be a separate form.  Save each as Ex53, Ex54, etc. Read pages 84-93 by Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 4

Finish Monday's assignment

Wednesday, April 5

Check for correct output using Excel for problems 45-52.
Discuss flowcharting for problems 53-58.Complete your assigned problem.

Read pages 84-93.  Complete Practice Problems 3.4, 1-3.

On pages 93-95, Complete the following in class tomorrow:

Exercises 3.4, 1-22

Thursday, April 6
Complete Exercises 3.4, 1-26.  Save your work.  You may work together. 

Friday, April 7

Complete problems 27-41, Read pages 98-109 and answer Practice Problems 3.5, page 109 before Monday.
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