gr4 Ms. Rowles
Hale Road Elementary Grade 4 Class
Kid's Point of View

     Hi I'm KRC and I'm in Ms.Rowles 4th grade class.
We are learning in science that erosion and weathering are like partners.We learned that the big glacier is what made our big Lake Erie,rivers and streams.We learned a big word for soil,gravel,and dirt.  We also learned how Ms.Rowles lives by Lake Erie on the hill and her land got eroded away.  So they had to build a jetty.So they made a jetty and piled rocks.  It helped it.

by KRC


     We have been raising tadpoles in our classroom.  Ms. Rowles found them in her pool.  We have about 15 tadpoles.  Two of them turned into frogs.  They are very little and green.  It is cool learning about frogs.


        This week in Math we have been learning how to use a safety compass.  We made circle art with them.  Also, we use them for our homework.  They are fun to use.  You can make perfect circles.  We learned to divide circles into thirds and sixths.  We learned that halfway across the circle is the radius.  All the way across is called the diameter.  Compasses are extremely cool to use.

   This week was great!  In Social Studies we made an edible map.  We divided the three main regions with choclate chips .  We put green sprinkles on the Lake Plains.  Also we put m&m's in the Till Plains.   We put blue colored frosting for Lake Erie.  We also made the Ohio River with a piece of licorice.  The dough on the bottom was made of: light corn syrup,powdered sugar, powdered milk, and peanut butter.  The dough was delicious!  It was really messy to make though.  The  edible map was so good I ate it up so fast! It was the best thing I ever tasted! I wish I had another one to fill me up!  My sister helped me eat it uo too.  This week was the best!!


     American Indians of Ohio are awesome!  There were three different types of indians.  The very first people were the Paleo People.  They ate very ddiscusting food such as birds, mammmoths, and bunnies!  They were the only poeple that hunted mammoths.  The second people were the Archaic People.  They left a lot of burial sites and campsites. The last people were the Mound Builders and they were also called the Adenas and Hopewells.  They built mounds larger than your house!  They're best mound was the Great Serpent Mound.  I learned a lot about American Indians.


      We are doing a project called Flat Stanley!  Flat Stanleys are cool.  We make a flat self and send them all around the world. Then kids can write in the journal about what they did with you.   Mine went to Pennsylvania. We are going to try to send them to all the states.  When we get one we write a little bit about ourselves and what we did.  We have many flat stanleys in our room now.  We have a flat Zack from Australia!  It is fun to read about other states. I like this project a lot!


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