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Review what you've learned in grade 5 Science about simple machines.

See how simple machines are used to make compound machines (combinations of simple machines) to gain mechanical advantage.

Please click on the Review Simple Machines link below to review simple machines and the The Elements of Machines link to learm more about machines.

Review Simple Machines

Elements of Machines

To learn about compound machines, please click on the Go To Edheads Website link below, When the Edheads page comes up, click on START. When the new page comes up, click on the Tool Shed and complete the cool activities for compound machines!

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Reminder ... when the Edheads page comes up click on ...

... and then click on the Tool Shed and do the activities for compound machines.

... visit the BMS animated Catapults site. Click below to start.

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... another cool site to visit is the 3D Animations website. Click below to start.

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_____________________________________________________________________ Learn how to apply concepts and aspects of simple machines to design the ultimate "HURLER" ... a boulder hurling ...



Can you name this compound machine and its many uses?

Wikipedia contributors (2006). Internal combustion engine. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 01:14, January 9, 2006 from

Compound Machines: Engines

A motor is a type of machine that produces motion (energy) or power for doing work. It uses some other form of energy, such as chemical energy and converts it into motion.

An engine is a work machine that converts energy in a chemical form to mechanical energy for the performance of work. A combustion engine takes the potential energy in fuel (chemical energy) and converts it into motion so that something can move, a car for example.

Please click on the Car Engine Video link below to view a video of how a car engine works and the Animated Engines link to learm more about many differnt types of engines.

Car Engine Video

Animated Engines

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