gr8religion Mrs. Dresher
Holy Angels School JR. High Teacher Room 347
Gr 8 Religion-Liturgy and Worship text

January 29- February 2, 2001

This weeks assignments:Chapter 2
Session 1 pages 20-21
   Read independently.

Session 2 pages 22-23.
   Read and write six main ideas.
   Forum: Prepare what you would say to a friend who   told you, "I don't think liturgical prayer is for me. I'll stay at home and pray privately."

Session 3 pages 24-25
   Read and write five main ideas.
   Forum:Design a "wanted" poster that lists reasons young people might be considered suspects for committing acts to show that they are friends and followers of Jesus.

Session 4 pages 26-27
   Read and write six main ideas.
   Ask yourself and five other people of different ages to name a favorite hymn that is sung during liturgical prayer. Ask each person to explain why it is a favorite and to share the words that she or he finds most meaningful.

Session 5 pages 28-29
   Read pages 28-29. Complete Words to Remember.
   Complete the handout To Proclaim God's Love

Chapter 2 Assessment will be given on Monday,2/5/01

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