gr9carneyinfotech Sean
Archbishop Carney High School
Information Technology 9


A basic introduction to the Star Office function of Linux.
In the month of September we will be learning about the Word function of Star Office on Linux. Some of the activities include making resumes and cover letters. We will also help in the production of the Archbishop Carney StarOffice Class Manual.


In October we will finish up the Word Processing Unit and move on to Presinations, which will last through to November. In Presintations will be making things like slide shows and pictures. We will also be using the Presintation function to make projects by adding pictures and graphs to reports.


After Presintations we'll be moving on to Spreadsheets. In Spreadsheets we will learn how to do things like making balance sheets, income statements, ledgers, and financial statments.

Spread throught the course will be activities on the web, such as making pages like this or some of the games pages made by other Carney students.
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