grade3blss Mrs.Horniacek
Blessed Sacrament School Grade 3 Teacher
Welcome to grade 3 Home page! Enjoy!

1. Feb 1,2000.Today is student appreciation day. Boy! do I
have a message for you! You are going to enjoy your treat
I have for you.

2. Are you getting ready for Valentines Day!
3. Mr.Horniacek still needs your prayers for his NEW Job.
4. Feb.3,2000 I hope you are ready for your Religion test
   today. Good luck to you!

5. Feb.7th,2000 Shamyrah Frazier:Mr.and Mrs.Horniacek would
   like to thank you for gifts on TEACHER APPREICATION DAY
   Also I would like to thank the class for the lovely

card that is hanging up in our class.

6.Feb.9,2000 Good Morning I hope you have a nice day.
7.Feb.16th,2000 Thank You one and all for all the lovely
  Valentines you gave me.

8.April 17,2000 Well, Easter is almost here.  I hope the
  Easter Bunny"Peter Rabbit" gives you a great Easter Treat!
  Aeisha I hope you are taking care of your Easter Bunny.
  Give "Cutie" lots of huggs and kisses for me. He will
  give you so much love.
  Don't forget your Family Life test is on Tuesday April
  18th,2000. Yes, you will be having a Family Life project.
  I'm still working on the idea.
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