grade3pfe Mr. Smith
Pine Forest Elementary 3rd Grade Teacher
  Students will have homework three or four days a week, with the exception of weekends.  There will be no assigned homeword on weekends.  Homework will be posted daily on the agenda board in the classroom.  Students will be given time to copy the daily assigments into their personal agenda each afternoon.  Students are ask to have a parent check their agenda nightly and sign (Inital) the page at the bottom each day's assignments.
  MATHhomework will be assigned from the text, and will have been covered in class.  The object of math homework is to develop speed and accuracy.
  Reading homework consists of reading books from our school library's AR program.  Each student is expected to one AR book and pass a test on that book each week of a nine week period.  Classroom reading is designed to help students develop comprehension skills. You can help your child develop good reading skills by spending fifteen (15)minutes per evening listening as they read or reading to them from their AR book or a book of your choice.
  Spelling words will be introduced on Tuesday or Wednesday of each week and tested the following week on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Practice sheets will be distributed on Wednesday or Thursday and are not due until test day the following week.
  Science homework will consist of reading two to four pages in preperation for the next day's class activity.
  Grammar & Writing assignments will most often be completed in class.  Writing homework will be the completion of a final draft began in class.  Parents are encouraged to help with spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.  Final drafts will be pubished on the "Writers Wall of Fame" in the third grade hall.
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