grade4 Mrs.Jones
Blessed Sacrament School self-contained
   Welcome to a new school year. I am looking forward to a great year with you. All you have to do is work hard, study follow all rules and most of all respect each other.
   This year you will be exposed to many different and exciting things. You will be able to work in cooperative groups, use the internet, and complete several projects in various areas of study.
    To do well in my class this year, here are few guidelines that may help you along the way.
     1. Always ask questions when you do not understand an assignment.
     2. Never leave the class room in the afternoon if you have questions about your work.
     3. Always complete your homework assignments on time. You will have to suffer the consequences if you do not comply with the rules.
     4. Always write your homework down when it is given to you for each class.Never wait until 2:30 P.M. to copy down homework.
     5. If you are absent please see me the next day for all make up work. It is your responsibility to make up all work missed. All work not completed will receive a zero.
     6. Every Wednesday starting next week, I will be available after school from 3:00-4:00 for all students who need extra help with homework or to prepare for a test.
These are only a few  suggestions to help you.I want you to do well and if we work together, you will succeed. I am looking forward to a great year fourth graders and I hope you are too.      
    Here is a poem that I wrote that is dedicated to you, the fourth grade class. It is entitled WELCOME FOURTH
     W is for the worldwide web that you will use,
     E is for the education that none of you can refuse.
     L is for the many lessons that will take place,
     C is for the cooperative learning in a limited amount of space.
     O is for the opportunities for you to advance,
     M  is for the moments you have to share when you have the chance.
     E  is for the experiences you will have in my class,
       Because fourth graders I want you to pass.
       So, WELCOME STUDENTS to the the fourth grade, 
       Join with me in the education parade.
                                I love you all.
                                    Your teacher,
                                        Mrs. Jones
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