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Weizmann Day School General Studies/Second Grade
October 15, Hasting's Branch Library Field Trip.  Drivers should arrive at school to depart for the library no later than 12:45, returning to school by 2:00pm.

October 18, Back to School Night - 7pm - 9pm.  Looking forward to seeing parents.

Homework policy.  Students should finish homework within 20 minutes.  If your child is feelig frustrated, please assist him or her and guide him/her along without giving the answers.  When the homework is complete, ask your child what he/she learned from the homework assignment.  Read the homework assignment book daily and please help your child to be organized when completing the homework by putting it where he/she will find it to return it to school.

It is important to remember that when your child is late for class to escort them to the office.  The office will find out if they are buying lunch for the day before escorting him/her to class.  Also remember Tardies on the report card are looked at when applying to other schools as well as absences.
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