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Are you back again so soon?  Well, I have something special in store for you.  The hangman game will be updated this week.  YEA!!!!  Also, I have made changes to the FAVORITE LINKS section of this page.  YEA!!!!! AGAIN!!!! 

Our lessons the next few weeks will take us from the arrival of The Old Three Hundred to the road to Texan independence at San Jacinto.  There might even be another Battle at the Alamo. 

In Language Arts an innovative strategy to research will be introduced that will dazzle your parents.  Researching becomes a breeze through the use of The Big Six

Yes, that is right.  There is a contest. All you have to do is make a list of 5 different reference sources that you could use for a research paper on the state of Texas.  Then, e-mail me the list via this web page.  All correct answers will be placed in a drawing to be held on Friday. 
If you are a winner, you will receive a pen pass for three days.  GEL PENS RULE!!!!

If you need to reach me just e-mail or call the school.
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