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Milam Elementary School  
Today is Thursday, February 26. Can you believe I actually remembered to update my page 2 days in a row?? That's thanks again to Megan Holmes for the cute note she sent to me.

Homework for tonight-
5th Grade-Do the angles worksheet-front and back.
6th Grade-If you didn't finish 9-2 in class, be sure to do that. We will check it tomorrow.

Everyone has a card quiz tomorrow. Maybe your card will be used!!
Don't forget you can call Homework Hotline 720-3236 if you need help or come see me tomorrow morning at 8 am. By the way, Homework Hotline's phone number is in the phone book. Just look under Wichita Falls Independent School District.

If you whisper card quiz to me tomorrow, I'll give you a new pencil......

See you tomorrow!
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