grants Ms. Conant
Science Hill High School Teacher
GRANT money is found by matching your wish list to the
things others are LOOKING to give.  To do this simple task
takes hours and hours of work.  I continually look for grants and funding. Hopefully, this page will help you find the links to the people who are willing to fund your project. Follow their directions to the letter to avoid being eliminated from their funding process.
There are links to other sites with tips and helpful guidelines.  Beware those that charge large amounts of money.  

Be sure you have a sound, valid project in mind. No one gives money to teachers, just because they want computers in their classroom.  Think of a project that the computer is the tool....not the final goal.

To use this page, simply click on the link to the site. If a deadline is available, I have tried to list it on this page.  Match your subject area to the grant. Good Hunting and Good Luck!
Useful links
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