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      First, a million apologies. I am trying to coordinate my web site with the school web site and everything has gotten behind.  From now on you will find games here but not assignments.  All assignments will be located on the school web site.  I would recommend you try contacting me first through the school web site and then through this web site.  I seem to have much better luck receiving e-mail through this connection.  The school site does not always get the e-mail to me.  Thank you for your patience and please take advantage of the games located here.  They are excellent practice.
**NEW!!! Check out the games at the bottom of this page especially for Spanish I, Spanish II, and Spanish III

***If you want to practice your numbers or play some of the other games available from Quia follow these steps:

   1.  Click on Quia Home Page at the bottom of this page.
   2.  Click on Spanish under the Activities List.
   3.  Choose vocabulary.  This will give you the top activities.
   4.  Choose grammar to practice verbs.

Located on the Granville High School Web page.
My Quia activities and quizzes
La Ropa Practice
Practice all La Ropa Vocabulary.
Los colores
Practice Los colores vocabulary column 1
Los Colores - II
Practice Los colores vocabulary column 2
ACABAR Irregular Verbs
Practice irregular verb on ACABAR list
ACABAR Regular Verbs
Practice regular verbs on ACABAR list
La Cara III
Practice Sports and Geography
Comedor - Casa
Practice household vocabulary
La Comida
Practice all food vocabulary from Pajaros/Comedor
Pajaros:pajaros,herramientas,carro, insectos, fieras
Practice pajaros list (all but comida)
La Amiga 1
Practice La Amiga Column 1
La Amiga 2
Practice La Amiga Column 2
La Amiga 3
Practice La Amiga Column 3
Reflexives I
Practice Reflexive I
Reflexives II
Practice Reflexive II
Reflexives III
Practice Reflexive III
Dentro de I
Practice column 1 of Dentro de
Idiomas con a
Practice the idioms that begin with a
Dentro de I Part II
Practice part II of Dentro de Column I
Idiomas II
Practice group 2 Idiomas
Dentro de Column III
Practice Columns 2 and 3
Dentro de Column III
Practice Column 3
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