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Grayson County Middle School Seventh Grade, Team 6
Hi,ladies and gentlemen! Here is the Grayson County link that we looked at in class to the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission in Frankfort. I also am including a link to the endangered, threatened and special concern plants and animals for the state of Kentucky.  I will try to put links to information on each of the species you chose to research.  Enjoy reading and searching for information you can use in your editorial.
 You should use the following format:
    Editorial Writing

 addresses a timely and relevant subject for the intended audience

 is concise and coherent (number of words may be limited by the publication)

 captures reader in lead

 expresses the writer’s opinion clearly

 includes specific details to support the opinion and meet reader’s needs

 anticipates point of view of audience

 answers potential questions the audience might have

 conveys thorough knowledge and correct subject information

 follows an organizational plan that attracts the audience’s attention

 suggests a possible solution to the problem or issue addressed

 avoids phrases like I think, I believe, in my opinion, it seems to me, or I for on

 maintains a courteous and polite tone
Useful links
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