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Southgate Middle School  
Hello class! These are the games that YOU have created! They are exceptionally well done. Use them to review the presentations that you have seen. The final test (yes, you will have one, May 2nd), will have its questions taken from these games. Enjoy and try to have a chance to play them all.

                                            Mr. Fontaine
My Quia activities and quizzes
Government of Greece
Chris and Mark's Hangman (Government)
Greek Wars
Stephen's Hangman (Greek Wars)
Slavery ,marriage and the birth of a child
Sara and Kayla's Basic Quiz (Slavery, Marriage, Birth)
John Rancier's Hangman (War)
Greek Wars
Shane's Game (Greek War)
Greek Transportation
Melissa's Hangman (Transportation)
Art of Ancient Greece
Lisa and Amanda's Pop-up (Art)
The Gods (A trivia game)
Dustin's Basic Quiz (Gods)
Greek Government
Chris's Board Game (Ancient Greece)
Cory K. and Keith's Pop-up Game (Olympics)
Olympic Games
Cory K. and Keith's Hangman (Olympics)
Greek Architecture
John and Ryan K.'s Game (Architecture)
The Gods game of hangman
Cory L.s Hangman (Gods)
Daily Life
Kali's Basic Quiz (Daily Life)
Mark's Jumbled Words (Government)
The Greek Olympics
Darcy's Jumbled Words (Ancient Greece)
Costumes of Ancient Greece
Chantel's Hangman (Costumes)
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