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hace...que with time expressions

My Quia activities and quizzes
Las Palabras Negativas
Here's a game about negative words to help with Friday's quiz!
Pasos y puentes: Palabras Nuevas 1.2
Here's a review for the PN 1.2 quiz! E-mail me with your results!
dar y ver
Here's a game to help practice dar & ver!
Los complementos directos y los verbos dar y ver
Palabras Nuevas del Capítulo 2--Nouns
Test your knowledge of the household nouns from chapter 2.
Capítulo 2, Pasos y Puentes--Los Adjetivos y las Otras Expresiones
Test your knowledge of the adjectives & other expressions of chapter 2.
Capítulo 2--Los Verbos: session los verbos del capítulo 2
Practice the forms & meanings of chapter 2 verbs.
Pasos y Puentes Cap. 2--Los Demostrativos: session pasos y puentes cap. 2--los demostrativos
Practice the forms & meanings of demonstrative adjectives & pronouns.
Ch. 3: Comparatives & Superlatives: session ch. 3: comparatives & superlatives
Practice this one for the chapter 3 test!
Affirmative tú-commands with DOPs: session affirmative tú-commands with dops
Another one to practice for the chapter 3 test!
El pretérito: session el pretérito
Practice irregular & spelling change preterites.
Spanish II Pronoun Review: session spanish ii pronoun review
Culture Review for Spanish 2: session cultural questions for spanish 2
Bien Dit Ch. 8 CHORES
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