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Ms. Honaker's Second Grade Technology Resources~ Greendale Elementary School ~ Abingdon, VA.

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Fantastic Sites for Second Graders

Fantastic Sites for Second Graders



What is a Butterfly?





Billy Bear's Butterfly site


Monarch Butterfly

Painted Lady Butterfly









How a caterpillar becomes a butterfly






Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly



Butterfly Life Cycle lesson plan


Butterflies to print and cut out.


Wordsearch Butterflies


Queen Alexandra's Birdwing Butterfly






What is a Dinosaur?









Dinosaur Fossils


Dinosaur News


More Dinosaur Info


Dinosaur Reference Library




Zoom Dinosaurs





CNN Weather


Weather Channel


Weather Wiz Kids

Interactive Weather Maker






Clouds and Precipitation



Let's Weather Together

Weather Resources for Kids

Cyberguide-Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs





Arctic Exploration


Cloud and Sky Watcher










The Franklin Institute: Living Things

Living and Non Living things


Leaf Classification


Sorting and Classifying Leaves

Recycle City






Astronomy for Kids


Star Child





Solar System




NASA Home Page




The Nine Planets


Minnesota Science Museum


Mars Rover



Space Shuttle Web


Great PowerPoint Presentations


What is A Penguin?



What is a biome?



What is a biome II?


Read about plants in different biomes



Plant Germination


The importance of plants


Choose which biome to read more about.











Electricity & Magnets




Electricity & Magnets Teaching Theme


Yahooligans: Teeth



Healthy Teeth





Frogwart and the Tooth Fairies

Get an Earful


Sound and Hearing


Touch Class Activity



I Know That Vision and Sound




Yahooligans: Five Senses



Come to Your Senses


BrainPop: Hearing


BrainPop: Smell


BrainPop: Taste


BrainPop: Vision


The Senses



Herbie the Worm


Three Basic Lessons about Insects for Young Children

Websites about Spiders





Wonderful World of Insects

The Spider Page


Spider Lesson Plans Insecta-Inspecta World


Insects All About Bugs


Pictures of Bugs


Bug Information

What's Bugging You?






Spider Art





Arthropod Museum


The "Web" Page



Welcome to the Hive!








Lets Talk About Insects Interactive videos





Chicken Photo Album





Egg Activities


Watch the Eggs Hatch



Baby Chick Hatching from an Egg

Social Studies

President's Day Activities
The Presidents of the United States of America from George Washington to George W. Bush

Abraham Lincoln




Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln matching Game



More US Symbols


Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty Printout

Time for Kids

Australia Quest

Australian Maps

Mexico for kids

All Kinds of Flags

Ask an Expert

Kids Almanac

Daily Trivia for Kids

Ask Jeeves for Kids

Yahooligans Search

Sea World Animal Site

Little Explorers Dictionary

Anyday-Today in History

Whale Quest

Make a Map

World Clock

World Geography

Cultural Connections

How Far Is It?

Infoplease Atlas

Facts About States

Geo Bee

White House Kids


Ben's Guide to Government



Symbols of U.S. Government

Famous Americans Biographies!

George Washington

Helen Keller

Jackie Robinson

Susan B. Anthony

Abraham Lincoln

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sioux Indians


Native Americans SOL 2nd!

Native American Songs




What’s My Job? Community Helpers

Native American Resources


Powhatan Indians of Virginia


Virtual Jamestown







Social Studies 2nd grade SOL Test Practice --graded on-line!!


Social Studies Sol Game



KidsClick: Daily Life in China:



Information Please, Kids’ Almanac: China:


Flag of China:




Map of China:


Yahooligans, China:



Web Quests

China Quest

Chinese Dynasties Web Quest

Searching for China


Walk the Wall of China


Panorama of the Wall of China






Little Explorers, Great Wall of China:  


Enchanted Learning- China





All About Panda Bears


China Resources





Web Sites for Kids

Kratt's Creatures

Kids Down Under

Math Story Problems

PBS List of Games

San Diego Zoo

Brain Ticklers

Fun Island

Education Place

Prongo for Kids

The Froggy Page

National Geographic for Kids

Discovery Channel

AAA Math

Planet Pals Earthzone

Sports Illustrated for Kids

Berit's Best Sites for Children

Zoom School

Wacky Web Tales


Harcourt Social Studies

Make a Map


Kids Domain


Learning Planet

Fun Brain

Time for Kids

Surfing the Net with Kids

The Best Sites for Kids

Ask Jeeves For Kids

Home Star Runner

 Primary Games for Kids

Kids Reads

  Sports Illustrated for Kids

 PBS Kids

Switcheroo Zoo

Science For Kids

White House Kids

Discovery Kid

Yahooligans! Kid-Friendly Search Engine

Disney Online

 Kids Konnect

  Kids Domain

Marvelous Math Links


Fun and Games for Kids

Sites for Busy Teachers

Four Blocks

Six Trait Assessment

Education Central

The Four Blocks


Idea Box

Four Blocks in Kankakee

4-Blocks Goodies Page


ABC Teach








A to Z Teacher Stuff



Busy Teachers' Web Site

A School Zone

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

The Global Schoolhouse

Teachers Helping Teachers

Course Server

Tammy's Tidbits

Award Certificates


Blue Web'n

Teacher Information Network

Kids Click!

ALA Resources

Education Place


Sites for Teachers


Fun Brain

Teachers First



Primary Games

Digital Education Network

Journey North

Classroom Connect

Just for Teachers

The Lesson Plans Page

SC's Hello to Education

Blocks 4

Reader's Theater Script Plays

Reader's Theatre

Readers Theatre Scripts

4 Blocks Literacy

Brain Pop

The Best of the Web for Teachers

Autism and Learning Disabilities Site




PBS Teacher Source

Cheryl Sigmon's 4 Blocks Column

Mrs. Z's Place



Teacher First

Blue Web'n Learning Sites

Community Learning Network

Bulletin Board Ideas

Daily Lesson Plans


Reader's Theater Script Plays

The Reading Lady

Learning Page

  Busy Teachers' Cafe

First Gov for Kids

Education Talk

Enchanted Learning

  Sites for Teachers

Electric Teacher

The Chalkboard


Songs and Poetry


Kid Songs and Lullabyes


Education World


Beginning Teacher's Toolbox




Songs 4 Teachers

Reading and Language Arts Links

Kidspiration Activities









Seussville Games

Word Searches

Book Adventure

Spelling Rules

Game Goo

FunBrain Word Search


World of Reading

Handwriting for Kids


Children's Storybooks Online



Fuzzy Lion Ears



Learning Planet




Fun School


Words and Pictures



Animals You Can See at the Zoo - by Rolando Merino - An illustrated story of zoo animals with sound and animation.

The Three Big Pigs - by Everett Morse - A creative new Flash animated version of the classic Three Little Pigs

The Young Writers Club

Grammar Resources

K-5 Language Arts Lessons

Grade 2 Reading Comprehension, puzzles, activities



School-Home Reading Kit   100 activities to enhance specific reading objectives for second grade students.



Harcourt Reading Activities

Easy Dictionary


Language Arts

Second Grade Skills - interactive sites

What's the Word?

Vowel Take Home Cards

Phonics Cards to Print

Search Engines and Research Links

Resources and Activities

Holiday Fun




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