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Preschool Education has many ideas to help with your Autumn theme planning


Ms. Honaker's 4th Grade Technology Resources~ Greendale Elementary School ~ Abingdon, VA.

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Preschool Education has many ideas to help with your Autumn theme planning

Fantastic Sites for Fourth Graders

Reading and Language Arts Links


Reading Links

Language Arts Links 





  • Grandfather's Journey Webquest
  • The Mitten WebQuest
  • We're Going on a Bear Hunt WebQuest
  • Too Many Tamales WebQuest
  • Mr. Popper's Penguins WebQuest
  • Sarah Plain and Tall WebQuest
  • Stellaluna WebQuest
  • Stories to read



    4th Grade Reading SOL Practice--- Interactive Sample


    Math Links

    Math Links





    ThatQuiz—Practice SOL tests

    Jefferson Lab SOL Quizzes

    4th Grade Math Practice Sample - from Texas


    Math Links






    Social Studies Links

    Social Studies Links

    Egypt, Africa, Greece, Rome

    Maps and Map Skills





    Social Studies Links


    Native Americans, First Virginians, and Jamestown









    4th Grade Social Studies Sample Tests--IQ*****Thanks to Tami Maloney for sharing.


    Science Links

    Science Links

    Weather & the Water Cycle

    Rocks, Minerals & Fossils

    4.2-4.3 Force, Motion, and Energy





    4.5 Living Systems




    4.6 Interrelationships in Earth/Space Systems






    Science Links

    Butterflies, Frogs, Insects

    ·         Butterflies

    ·         Insects










    4.1 Scientific Investigation, Reasoning, and Logic



    4.4 Life Processes


    4.7 Earth Patterns, Cycles, and Change



    Health Links


    Music Links


    Art Links


    Teacher Resources Links

    Teacher Resources


    ·         Rubrics and Scoring Guides

    ·         Easy Test Maker

    ·         Link Checker

    ·         Award Maker

    ·         Certificate and Award Maker

    ·         Certificate Creator Online

    ·         Certificate Maker

    ·         Graphic Organizers

    ·         Project Poster

    ·         Printable Maps

    ·         Puzzle Coach

    ·         Teacher Ease Online Gradebook

    ·         Create Flash Spelling Games

    ·         SOL Practice Items

    ·         Exercises, Quizzes, Tests

    ·         Cool

    ·         Citation Machine


    Parent-Teacher Communications





    Teacher Resources




    Pre- Made Award Certificates


    Fun and Games Links

    Fun and Games Links

    Search Engines, Directories, and Indexes

    Search Engines, Directories and Indexes

    Search Engines, Directories and Indexes




    Computer/Technology Links

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    Heather Animations



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    Grandma George's Graphics




    Holiday Links



    ·         ChildFun's Halloween Activities

    ·         Family Fun Fright Site

    ·         Halloween Stories and Crafts

    ·         Kids Domain Halloween

    ·         Halloween Riddles

    ·         Online Halloween Games


    ·         Kwanzaa Activities!

    ·         Winter Holiday Activities






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    What to do if you see Strangers   






    Thanks to Michael Colston for sharing VA. Studies, Tami Maloney for sharing IQ, and Patricia Hammersley for sharing Jamestown activities, THANK YOU!
    My Quia activities and quizzes
    Virginia Studies:Grade 4
    Early Explorers
    GRADE 4 Explorers - Lesson 1
    Jamestown Part 2
    Jamestown SOLs
    Jamestown SOLs
    The History of Jamestown
    The Tidewater Region of Virginia
    Quiz: The Algonquian Indians
    4th Grade Math Review
    Grade 4 - Electricity Spelling Words
    Multiplication Tables
    5th grade--US1.3a--The Native Americans of the Northwest
    Jamestown Money Game
    Virginia Studies SOL Practice Test
    Understanding Percents
    Computer Basics
    Technology Assessment
    Introduction to the Computer
    Useful links
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