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March 27--Test.  Read about "What is Poetry" pages, 561-570 and poems on these pages.

March 29--Went over outside essay assignment. Began discussion "What is Poetry."  Read poems on pages, 561-570 for Friday.

March 31--Discussed "Dulce et Decorum Est," "The Whipping,"
"Winter"  and two limiting approaches to poetry.
Assigned:  "Ballad of Birmingham"   "The Red Wheelbarrow"
"Is My Team Plowing" and paraphrase.  Also, how to read a poem, pages 578-579.

April 3--Ballad of Birmingham, The Red Wheelbarrow, The Man He Killed, Is My Team Plowing  Rough draft for outside essay due Friday.

April 5--Mirror, When My Love Swears...., Widows Lament in Springtime Those Winter Sundays  Gave poetry terms due Monday.  Read for April 7--# 38 After Apple-Picking (note types of images) #45 The Hound  #47 It Sifts From Leaden Sieves #52 Metaphors

April 7--Rough drafts of outside assignment due.  Discussed poems. Assigned for Monday: Toads #54, The Road Not Taken, #60, To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time, #64, Curiosity, #68.

April 10--Read for Wednesday:  poems #78, #81, #104, #105

April 12--Continued with poetry.  End of class, instead of quiz gave extra credit for finding metonomy, overstatement, alliteration, similie, metaphor, personification in particular stanzas in "Sorting Laundry."  For Friday, read "Acquainted with the Night" page 790, read "Bad Poetry and Good, pages 797 to 801.  Give definitions of terms for inferior poems and tell which poem has more poetic merit, # 182 or #183.

April 14--Went over how to determine Bad Poetry and Good and poems assigned.  Reviewed for Test.

April 17--Poetry test.  Handouts for final essay given.  Need article for Wednesday.

April 19--Went over handouts. Gave example essay on overhead.   Returned final essays to see.  Gave handout for introduction and three topic sentences to be ready for Monday.  Can write rough draft of title page, outline page, and works cited page on regular paper outside of class ready for final draft paper. 

April 21--Good Friday

April 24--Brainstorming introduction and three topic sentences due and ready to write rough draft in class only....

April 26--Write on rough draft.  Read:  Outside of class, the play, "The Sandbox."  Study guide over Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, drama and "The Sandbox"  due Friday, April 28.

April 28--Write essay.

May 1--Rough and Final draft essay due.

May 3--Drama and "The Sandbox."  After 2 p.m. May 3, essay considered late.
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