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Welcome to Ms. Green's class web page.  Here is some information for the month of January
Study Skills:

Math: We're currently studying Chapter 13, where the focus is on multiplying and dividing decimals. Ask your child if they know where the decimal in the answer belongs.

Reading:  We'll be starting our "Independent Studies" projects soon.  These will be student initiated projects that will require the use of technology.  Some kids will research using the Internet, while others will create their final projects using Hyperstudio.  I am hopeful that students will be willing to share their final projects at our Technology Festival on March 3rd at Kingwood College.

Language: We're studying analogies. For instance, finger is to hand as toe is to ... ?  a)leg b)foot c) arm d) head. Soon we'll be applying analogies to the 2nd group of Wordmaster words. We're also studying adjectives in Unit 7. We should be ready to take the Unit 7 test by Jan. 18th

Social Studies: We've begun reading Ch 12 and 13 where we're learning about the Revolutionary War.

Science: Unit F Chapter 3. We're studying Natural Resources, such as Fossil Fuels, and soon we'll be moving on to other forms of energy.

Other news: If there is anything that you'd like to see here, let me know by clicking on the e-mail button.

All for now,
Ms. Green
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