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GOVERNMENT RESEARCH PROJECT VIRGINIA ELECTIONS 1. Select one of the following candidates to research: Mark Warner, Mark Early, William Redpath, Tim Kaine, Jay Katzen, Gary Reams, Jerry Kilgore, Donald McEachin 2. Research the following information on your candidate: Personal background and education Professional and political experience Views on the major issues (be sure to include education, crime, gun control, taxes, defense, abortion, political reform, etc.) Strategies for winning the election in November Sources of campaign funding Maintain a record of the daily polls that are taken 3. Research the way in which various interest groups view the candidate and whether or not those groups have contributed to the candidate. 4. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your candidate. Do you approve of the way he has raised money and conducted his campaign? 5. Compare and contrast your candidate to his opponent (experience, ideas, leadership qualities, vice-presidential selection, and positions on the issues). Do you believe your candidate will win? Why or why not? 6. Do you feel the process for selecting the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General is appropriate, efficient, fair, and democratic? Explain your views. Assess the role of the political parties in the campaign process. What changes would you make to the process to make it better? BACK UP YOUR OPINIONS WITH FACTS!! 7. What was the outcome for your candidate? What factors lead to the win or loss? 8. What was the voter turnout for this election? Was the turnout high or low? SOURCES You must use at least one of EACH of the following types of sources to research your information. A total of FIVE different sources must be used. Internet (see list of sites below) Newspaper articles on the campaign and national polls Primary source information: campaign literature, interviews with local party officials, viewing televised debates and speeches, etc. FORMAT You should use the format outlined in the research paper guide. The paper should be written in coherent paragraphs, each dealing with one topic, including a topic sentence and a concluding sentence. The entire paper should be written in paragraph form. All direct quotations should be cited with a parenthetical reference. The works cited page should contain at five different sources coming from the categories detailed above. Internet sites Due Dates: Thesis statement and outline – Wednesday, October 24, 2001 Note cards and source cards -- Wednesday, November 7, 2001 FINAL PAPER -- Monday, November 19, 2001
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