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Memorial Parkway Junior High Team Information
This web page is designed to inform students and parents about upcoming events and activities that involve the 7th grade Grey team.

****As of February 25, 2002, this web page will NO LONGER BE ACTIVE. Quia will not be a free web page any longer. Therefore, this page will have to be shut down. STAY TUNED. We will let you know where and when the new page will be activated.

Language Arts/English

Please refer to your child's green GRADE SHEET for this grade. This should be checked weekly and initialed.

We will be in the COMPUTER LAB during the week of February 18 - 22.

Students should be thinking about a PRODUCT that they could INVENT. They will make a COMMERCIAL for this product and a computer presentation. If possible, students should watch an infomercial on TV during the next week, such as "Blue Stuff" or even one of the Home Shopping Networks. This will help them understand some of the strategies used in presenting a product.

   Academic tutorials are offered on Mondays until 3:10.
   Pre-AP tutorials are offered on Tuesdays until 3:10.

Reading Academic

Student are continuing their study of mythology.
Reading PreAP

Students are continuing their study of mythology.

Reading tutorials are Mondays from 2:40-3:10. Come with questions or concerns.


*Academic Tutorials are held after school Thursday until 3:10.

*Pre Ap Tutorials:  Thursday, unless otherwise announced

Additonal ON-LINE help from Glencoe!  Here is a website for extra review and practice for all: or click on the link listed below in the Useful Links section.

 Just navigate under Middle School Math, find the course number and chapter/lesson number and enjoy!

Academic Math:  Week of 2/4

Monday:  Page 590 Lesson 8-4 (9-14)
Tuesday:  P 5-5 odds
Wednesday: CW: SG 8-6 & 8-7 (hopefully no hw)
Thursday: TAAS Pretest; bring #2 pencils
Friday:  TAAS Pretest; bring #2 pencils

Pre Ap Math:  Week of 2/4
Monday: P 8-5
Tuesday:  P 8-6; show all steps;   Simple Interest project assigned DUE: Tuesday 2/12
Wednesday:P 8-7
Thursday: TAAS Pretest; bring #2 pencils
Friday:  TAAS Pretest; bring #2 pencils



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