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Diego Rivera WebAct

Today you will visit the Museo Diego Rivera Virtual. At this site you will read a short biography of Diego Rivera, and  see photographs of many of Rivera's works of art.

         Part I
          After reading the biography of Diego Rivera, answer the following questions in complete Spanish sentences.
        a) ¿Cuando nació Diego Rivera? ¿Cuándo murió?
        b) ¿De dónde era Diego Rivera?
        c) ¿Con quién estudió Diego Rivera?
        d) ¿Qué capturó Rivera de la historia pre-colombina?
        e) ¿Por qué es tan importante como artista mexicano?

        Part II
         Click on murals from the menu bar.Scroll through the murals and identify two works of art from each category
for a total of six works.  Select two works of art that:

            a) interest you

            b) fascinate you

            c) displease you

            After identifying the work, write down the title and date of each work.  For each work of art you will also write two sentences in Spanish explaining the reason why it interests you,fascinates you, or displeases you.

            Part III

            Now choose a work that is your favorite of the ones you looked at and identify the title and date of the work.  You will also have to explain in Spanish why this work is your favorite. (minimum of 3 sentences).
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