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Pokémon Gold/Silver Edition

Source >> Pojo

Gold/Silver Journal
Courtesy of Pojo

Click HERE to go to Ron's Gold and silver Journal.

Gold/Silver Walkthrough
Courtesy of Pojo

Click HERE to go to the Gold/Silver Walkthrough.

Gold/Silver Map
Courtesy of Pojo

Gold/Silver FAQ
Courtesy of Pojo

Q: Who's better, Lugia or Houou?
A: Just pick the one you like.

Q: Where can I buy Pokemon Gold/Silver?
A: Look around the web, some sites sell them. and for sure.

Q: Where can I download an emulator that keeps track of time?
A: The Pojo does not promote the user of emulators or ROMS. For more information, see Nintendo's official stance on these at their website.

Q: How do I pass Usokki?
A: After getting the Regular Badge, enter a house east of the GYM and a girl in red will give you some water to spary on Usokki.

Q: How do I catch Lugia/Houou?
A: I tell you... I used 35 ultraballs on Lugia! I paralyzed Lugia and used plenty of flash to lower its accuracy. After a loooong while, Lugia ran out of
moves (especially recover.) I recommend to throw the balls now that the bird can't hit you. Follow the same procedue for Houou.

Q: Why didn't Ibukki give me the Raging Badge?!
A: After beating the leader, surf North of the GYM. Enter a cave, find a whirlpool. Get rid of the whirlpool and keep surfing until you reach an item
ball. Pick it up and Ibukki will come and give you the Raging Badge!

Previously answered questions...

Q: I need to get to Hiwanda, but the cave is too dark, is there any pokemon that can learn FLASH early on?
A: Try catching a Bellsprout, Hoohoo, or Meripu. These pokemon can learn Flash (I'd go with Bellsprout because it can learn CUT too.)

Q: Where is the Houou Puzzle?
A: Go inside the cave you took to get to Hiwanda. Walk around until you see a boy dressed in blue. Go down the ladder nearby and SURF. You'll fight some Hikers. Once you exit the cave, you'll find a trainer that will use Kirinriki. You'll see some grass and another cave. Enter the other cave to find the Houou puzzle (let me tell you, that puzzle can take a while to solve.) In the grass near the cave, you'll find Neitei and some Doburus.

Q: How do you pronounce Lugia/Houou?
A: I know this is not a gameplay question, but lots of people want to know how to pronounce Lugia/Houou. Lugia is Rugia in Japan, pronounce it: L-oo-gia (pronounce the "G" as in gate.) As for Houou, pronounce it like this: oh-oo-oh (don't pronounce the "H.")
Please note that the words are NOT pronounced using the English pronunciation (no offense.) This is Japanese.

Q: Which pokemon can learn WATERFALL?
A: Well... Gyarados can learn waterfall. Lugia and Suikun can learn waterfall too. But I would not teach Waterfall to Lugia/Suikun...

Q: Where do I get evolution stones?
A: Go to the Sea Cottage (Bill lived there in Red/Blue). The stone you get depends on the pokemon you are carrying;
Vulpix: Fire Stone
Staryu: Water Stone
Pichu: Thunder Stone
Oddish: Leaf Stone
Lickitung: Stun Stone (attach the stone to a Pokemon and that Pokemon won't evolve.)

Q: Where do I find Serebii, Mew, Mewtwo, the 3 Legendary Birds?
A: People, I BEG you! PLEASE stop asking for these Pokemon, they can not be found in Gold/Silver. I have heard lots of Serebii rumors. I tried them out and none work. To get Mew, Mewtwo, and the Legendary Birds, you have to trade with a Blue/Red/Yellow JAPANESE version. See the question on the Time Capsule for more info.

Q: Where can I find Yadoking?
A: To get Yadoking, equip Slowpoke with the King's Mark and trade it to aother Gold/Silver version.

Q: Where do I find the "King's Mark?"
A: In Yadon Well, you should see a boulder, use strength to move it. Surf and explore the cave until you see a guy with glasses. Talk to him and he will give you the King's Mark.

Q: Where do I find the legendary dogs?
A: After you wake the dogs, you might see them anywhere, their appearance is R-A-N-D-O-M. So, please stop asking me where to find the dogs, if there's something I have to say, is this, "Look for the water element when thou are wrapped by light. Look for fire and lightning when darkness is around you." Sounds like a Zelda game, doesn't it?

Q: Where do I find Derubiru/Heruga?
A: Sheesh, stop asking for locations, I will help Ron with the pokedex. Make sure to check it out later. For now, I can tell you that Derubiru can be found on Route 07 at night.

Q: Where is the pokemon league?
A: The Pocket Monsters League can be reached by surfing east of Wakaba. You'll need Surf and Waterfall to get through a small cave. Keep going east. You'll find some trainers, eventually, you'll make it to Victory Road. Your rival is waiting for you, so "Be afraid, be VERY afraid."

Q: HOw do I get the Radio Upgrade?
A: Ahem do not worry. Lugia has the answer!(Cheers.) To get the Radio Upgrade, you must have done all of the things listed below:
1.Get 13 badges.
2.Go to Cerulean GYM and find a cog(you'll need this later.)
3.Fight and beat the TR member on Nugget Bridge.
4.Go to the Power Plant and talk to the fat guy, he'll give you TM 07.
5.Go to Lavender Town to get your uppgrade in the tower.

Q: How do I get the MONORAIL TICKET?
A: To get the monorail ticket, you MUST have the radio upgrade. Did you hear? What? Oh, let me spell that word for you M-U-S-T. After getting the upgrade, go to Vermilion City POkemon Fan Club. Talk to the Clefaury, then to its owner. He will give you a Clefairy Doll. Now go to Copycat and she'll give you the TICKET!

Q: Where do I find Ash?
A: Once you get 16 badges, go to the pokemon league. Do you remember 2 black belts blocking 2 exits? Well, take the left exit and keep going left until you see a pokemon center. Heal your Pokemon, enter a cave nearby, and get through it with flash. Find Ash, and Bonne Chance!

Q: Where do I get HM01?
A: To get Cut, get the Insect Badge and go to the forest. You'll see a Farfetch'd. Chase it until it goes near the boy. Talk to the black belt and he'll give you HM01.

Q: Where do I get HM02?
A: After getting the Shock Badge (fighting gym) talk to the woman outside the gym and she'll give you Fly.

Q: Where do I get HM03?
A: In Enju city, there are five sisters, each one of them has an Eevee evolution. Beat them all and talk to the man with a hat, he'll give you Surf.

Q: Where do I get HM04?
A: HM04 is given to you by a sailor inside one of the houses in Asagi City.

Q: Where do I get HM05?
A: Go to the tower in Kikyou, make it to the top and fight the monk that was talking with your rival. Fight him, if you beat him, he'll give you Flash.

Q: Where do I get HM06?
A: After clearing Team Rocket's HQ in Choju, Lance will give you Whirlpool.

Q: Where do I get HM07?
A: Inside the ice cave.

Q: Where do I get TM08?
A: After catching/beating Usokki, talk to the fat guy nearby and he'll give you TM08. After getting the TM from the fat guy, go to Kogane and buy it for 1000.

Q: Where do I get Gomazou/donufan?
A: Gomazou and Donphan are available ONLY in Pokemon Gold. Gomazou is in the grass right below Fusube and Donphan is on Victory Road/Shigehano Mountain.

Q: Where do I get Marril?
A: To get Marril... surf east of Enju and enter the cave. Marril is quite rare, so be patient. It will appear after a while.

Q:  Is Ash beatable?
A:  Yes. Even though he is hard to beat, he is beatable. First, make sure your pokemon are around
level 65. If not; make sure you have plenty of revives and hyper potions. Also, you should have a balanced team. I would suggest one that looks like this; ground, fire, water, psychic, fighting, evil or ghost (not from the Gastly family, Muuma works better.)

Q:  Will I ever be able to catch the three legendary dogs?!
A:  Yes. But it takes may take a while! Remember, the legendary dogs appear at random, so it's best to be always ready. Once you see one of the dogs, check your pokedex and chase it around WITHOUT USING FLY or else the dog will teleport who-knows-where. After chasing for a while, you'll strart to see a pattern. Memorize the pattern to predict where the dog will go next. Bonne Chance!
(Good luck in french)

Q:  Where the heck is Serebii?!
A:  Nobody knows, some people say its appearance is random. Some people think that Serebii will be given away as a promotion like Mew in the US. In the GameBoy cartdridges, I've never seen it.

Q:  Who's stronger, Lugia or Houou?
A:  Er.... If you have seen me on gooey you should know my opinion. But let's take a closer look at both
pokemon. Lugia: I used to think Lugia was water/flying until I read the stats. Lugia has got good defense,
special, and speed, but as all psychic pokemon, it lacks good attack power. Now Houou: Houou's got high
attack and special backed up by good speed, but not an excellent defense... Lugia is psychic/flying and Houou is fire/flying. I'd say that they are equal!! But, who really rules? Just pick either one and defend your opinion!

Q:  Can I catch Mew or Mewtwo in pokemon gold?
A:  Nooo.The unknown dungeon just doesn't exist in Pokemon Gold/Silver. That means no Mewtwo, unless he's hiding somewhere else. Second, no diploma in Gold/Silver. You'll need a gameshark for Mew... again! Sheesh! When will Nintendo make Mew rare but catchable?!

Q:  Can I catch the 3 legendary birds?
A:  If you are an Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres fan... STOP READING NOW! Tough luck. The birds are gone, you'll need to trade to get them.

Q:  Where do I find Lugia?
A:  Go to Asagi city, go to near the breakable rocks. You should see a wall.  Stick to that wall until you see a cave, use HM06 to remove the whirlpool and enter the cave. Once inside, use Flash and Surf around until you see a waterfall, go down the waterfall, go west, you should see a small cave. After entering it, surf towards Lugia (and make sure you save!)

Q:  Where do I find Houou?
A:  To find Houou, go to Enju, enter a house way north (near the Dogs' tower) and enter it, go towards the stairs and you should reach another floor.  Exit that house, go east and you should see a tall tower. You guessed it, you have to climb to the top! I won't tell you how, here's a hint: Always take the stairs that lead up.

Q: Where do I find...?
A:  Check out the Pojodex.  We'll be updating all of the GameBoy locations soon!!!

Q: Why can't I trade with a Red/Blue/Yellow version?
A: You can! However, you are either trying to trade with an English version or haven't learned to use the Time Capsule. To use the Time Capsule, you must make sure that none of the Pokemon in your current team are above number 151 (Mew ), none of them can be carrying Gold/Silver items, and none of them can have any moves (like HM Waterfall) specific to Gold/Silver.

Q: Do Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard evolve?
A: Those pokemon do NOT evolve any further in Gold/Silver. What causes this confusion is that SOME of the old pokemon evolve into new ones (like Onix into Haganneru) and all of the rumours revolving around fictitious Pokemon like Venustoise.The pokemon that have been proven to evolve into something new are the following: Chansey, Scyther, Slowbro, Onix, Porygon and Seadra .

Q: How do I get Togepi ?
A: The Togepi egg is given to you by a scientist in Kikyou 's Pokecenter after you get the Wing Badge.

Gold/Silver Rumor Busters
Courtesy of Pojo

Rumor #1: Serebii appears in Shirogane Mountain.
Answer: Serebii does not appear in Shirogane Mountain.
I have tested this, I've been training HOURS and HOURS in Shirogane Mountain, with no result (except for a few high level pokemon,lol.)

Rumor #2: HM 08 and Hm 09.
Answer: Whoever made that up has some good imagination. Those things don't exist at all, so stop asking me about where they are.

Rumor #3: You can catch Mew in Gold & Silver!
Answer: No you can't. I've said this countless times.

Rumor #4: Pokemon #252, Serebii's evolution.
Answer: This one's new! I got this thing on my one of my e-mails. Serebii's EVOLUTION? Please! Stop coming up with these things!

Rumor #5: Win a radio contest to get a Masterball.
Answer: I've tried. No luck. Doesn't work. Enough said.

Rumor #6: Evolve Eevee into Burakki/Eefi with the Sun Stone.
Answer: Not true. Eevee evolves into Burakki during the night and EEfi during the day.

(note: the following rumors were fielded by guest rumor buster,
Rumor #7: Chansey's (or Hapinasu's) Egg hatches into Togepi
Answer: These Pokemon are not related by evolution. In Gold/Silver you will have the option to sort your Pokedex by Evolution. These Pokemon do not appear next to each other, so they do not evolve from each other. Additionally, look at Chansey's egg. It lacks the coloration and design of Togepi's.

Rumor #8: Mew evolves into... Charizard evolves into... etc...
Answer: There are NO new evolutions of Mewtwo or Mew. There are NO evolutions of the Legendary Birds. There are NO Pokemon with 'Stage 3' evolutions.

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