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Red/Blue Walkthrough | Yellow Walkthrough |
Gold/Silver Walkthrough |Trading Card Game GB Walkthrough

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Walkthrough Page! Here you will find the Red/blue walkthrough, Gold/silver Walkthrough, Yellow walkthrough and Pinball walkthrough. Be sure to read them fully to get a clear understanding! ENJOY!!

Pokémon WalkthroughZ


Pokémon Gold/Silver Walkthrough
Click here for a better version of the Gold/Silver Walkthrough.

Pokémon Gold and Silver F.A.Q. By [TK]-Pikachu of Pokétoon ( Version 1.2 (11/26/1999) New From 1.1: How To Get To The Shock League; How To Get HMs 02, and HMs 07; How To Get Back To the Towns From Red and Blue; Many Fixes. New From 1.0: How To Catch Houhou.

Welcome to the my Gold and Silver F.A.Q. It's far from complete, but for those of you struggling with the early few levels of the Jap. Gold and Silver, this guide is for you.

What's In This Guide: 1. The Story And Plot
2. How To Get To The First 8 Gyms
3. The Shock League
4. The 'Retro' World
5. What's New From Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow

1. The Story And Plot >From what I understand from some of my friends who can speak japanise, the plot goes like this: You start the game by setting the game's internal clock, and saying if you're a guy or a chick. Then Oak goes into the normal "This is the world of pokémon" introduction, and you state your name (the default name is Kin), and are teleported to your house. You then goto his lab where you have the choice between the 3 starting pokémon: #152: CHIKORITA (Plant) #155: HINOARASHI (Fire) #158: WANINOKO (Water) I took the hinorashi, because it looks the coo|est out of the three, and he actually is rather powerful (and unlike starting with charmander, the first 3 gyms aren't totaly against you). I have heard Waninoko is also a good choice, but havne't heard anything about the leaf pokémon.

Anyways, Oak then tells you that you should go to the proffesor in a cottage north to get your pokédex and pokéballs. To get to this prof, you need to head west to the 2nd town you find. On the way you'll see #161 OTACHI, and Pidgeys. When you get to the next town, heal your pokémon at the pokémon center, and then head northeast to find the cottage. Once you get there and talk and talk and talk some more, you go back to Pallet(?) and fight your Rival (Gin). However, your rival isn't all that nice. He got his pokémon by stealing them! When you battle him he'll have the oppisite of your starting pokémon. He shouldn't be too hard to beat, seeing that his pokemon won't know any of their specail attacks yet.

Finally you get to Oak where he sets you off on your pokémon journey.

2. How To Get To The First 8 Gyms and More First of all, before you start you'll want to know that you can get your pokéballs by hitting right on your item list twice. There are also 3 versions of pokéballs in this game, but I'll get into them some other time.

Anyways, after you go back to Oak's house, head back to that town where you were before. From there head Northwest, where you'll notice the two kids having a battle and blocking the road are now gone. On the way you'll see some farmilair pokémon from Red and Blue. If you have the Gold version you'll be finidning Caterpies and Metapods, and if you have the Silver version you'll be finding Weedles and Kakunas. Once you get the most northern and western part you can go, you'll notice a house that you can walk through. Gonig through here leads you to the first town with a gym. When you go to the pokémon center, make sure that you talk with the guy standing near the computer where joy is. He'll give you a togepi egg that hatches after approx 2,000 steps or so. If he's not there, you'll need to solve the puzzle (stated below).

Before you go to solve the puzzle, hit the gym in town. You'll find some easy trianers with bird pokémon, and the gym leader having a 7 Pidgey, and a 7 Pidgeoto (easy stuff). Watch out if you started with the leaf, becuase he will have some problems against birds.

Next, when you head west, you'll notice that theres a tree blocking the road that shakes when you press a on it. This is actually a pokémon, but you can't fight it until later on. Instead, head south through the house, and you'll find two caves. Goto the north cave, where you'll find a little station where there's a puzzle you have to solve. When put together the puzzle is a Kabuto. Remember that, for it will help you solve it. Once you beat it, you'll be transported to the 2nd cave where you can fight a ghost type pokémon with a ton of different forms (but one pokedex entry). Now, if you don't already have a togepi, go back to the pokemon center and get one.

When you get out of the cave you were transported to, go east, and the go south. After fighting a bunch of trianers, and several new pokemon that you haven't seen yet, you enter a cave where you'll fight geodudes and zubats. When you get out of the cave you'll find yourself going west to a new town. However, before you can get into the gym or any other buildings in the town, you have to beat team rocket and spread slowpokes (why?) all over the town. Now, when you go to the gym, you'll be fighting the bug gym. The leader has a metapod, kakuna, and a scyther. Pretty easy (especailly for my fire guy). Now, you'll want to go west through a house into the forest. To get through the forest you'll need the HM cut, which you get by chasing a bird around (talk the officer once you get him to the officer).

Once you get through the forest, you'll go north a little past some trainers and grass to a town that is rather like Celadon. It has a big shop, and a ton of small little houses. The gym here uses normal (including this really weird Cowkaskan [well, that's what I call him]) pokémon. Fighting pokémon should rip this gym up. Note: I had to talk to the gym leader twice after beating her to get the badge.

Once you beat that, you go north, where you'll find Drowzees, some new pokemon, pidgeys and some more. You'll also find a lot of trainers in what looks like a park. When you go north, then go east (through houses), you'll meet up with that tree that doesn't get out of the way again. In order to battle it, you'll need to talk with the guard in the house before you enter the park. Talk to him a lot and he'll teleport you to a place with a lot of other trainers, and you'll be able to battle the tree. When you beat him, you can now go northwest, to the next city.

This city has a gym that specailizes in ghost pokemon. To get to the leader, you'll need to travel across a path that you can't see or you'll be teleported back to the start. The path is (if I can remember): Go forward one, then go right to the wall. Go up from here to the next trainer. Go left from where the traner you battled was, and until you're 1 from the wall. Go up and get to the next guy, where you go left a few steps to the next trainer, than up 1 to the leader. He/she has a gastly, haunter, gengar, and another haunter. Now that you're half done the game, go congratulate yourself, pat yourself on the back, and get back to the game! The next place you'll want to go is in a house in town. This house contains a man, and 5 eevee daughters. They have either a Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, #196 EFUI, or #197 BURAKKI. Once you beat them all, talk with the man and he'll give you HM 03 surf. Now you're ready to head for the next gym.

You're going to want to travel west of the town, past the guard house. When you travel west some more, you'll find a 2 houses. I believe one of them contains a man giving away the Strength HM. Next, head south to the town on the coast. When you get there, you'll probally enter the gym. However, you'll notice that it's empty except for that strange guy who gives out advice. The gym leader is actually up in the tower (lighthouse), but she won't come down until you get the 5th badge, which is an island town.

To reach the island town, head a little west of the city, and when you see the 3 boulders that you can't move, start surfing south. When there's a turn, head west, and you'll end up in the island town. In the island town, talk with a lot of people there, becuase one of them will trigger the gym leader in the coastal town to chat with you then come down. Before you go back to the coastal town, battle the gym leader, who uses fighting types. She has a primape and a poliwrath. Before you leave, talk to all the people in the town. One person will give you HM 02, or the Fly HM. Note: You'll need strentgh to get to her.

Now, head back to the coastal town, and head to the tower. Head to the 4th floor, and then jump down on of the holes in the floor next to where you see 2 ladders. Then, climb up the ladder where you fall down, and up another. Going up another floor gets you to the leader with her steel onix, who, after a chat, goes back to her gym to fight.

Go back to the "Steel" gym, where you'll only find the gym leader (no junior trainers!). She has a few magnemites and #208 HAGANERU or "Steel Onix". She won't be too hard to beat. After you beat her, head back to the ghost gym town. Go east this time, through another gate, where you should surf across two rivers (each having a cave that as far as I know are of no importance). You'll then get to a town where you can't do much except visit the shop and the center. A man blocks the gym, and antoehr man blocks the path (he charges you 500 bucks to talk with him). Go north through 1 house, and avoid the 2nd by going around it in the grass (it contains rocket members who cost you 1k a crossing). Continue to move north until you see a lake with a red gyrados visible. After fighting him (try to caputre him!), Lance(?) will appear next to a sign.

Talk to Lance(?) and he'll run off to the shop, where you'll find him... ahem... forcing some doors to open. This turns out to be a team rocket base entrance! After going around (talk to all the trainers, and get all the items), try to open one of the doors that has what appears to be a cardkey only entrance. After beeting the trainer in the first door you open, goto the second door, where you'll find lance and the two team rocket bosses. Lance takes out the guy, while you talk on the chic, who has an arbok and a few others (however, it's not jesse). Next, you'll have to take out the reactor (?) by battling all the electrodes around it. Now, exit the cave, and all the men leave, along with lance. He'll also give you HM 06, which allows you to get rid of whirlpools.

You'll now be able to get into the gym, and go to the path to the west. Hit the gym, which is an ice gym. The leader has a seel, a dewgong, and #221 INOMU. A fire type will roast the place up. Once you have the 7th badge, you only have to get one more!

Before you get to the next gym, you'll need to take a pitstop at the town with the 3rd gym (the one with the big market). Here you'll find that team rocket has taken over the town. To beat them, head to the house a little west of the gym, the one with the black steel on it. You'll fight a bunch of Team Rocket Members (watch out, their golbats are REALLY annoying). When you destroy all of them, go heal your pokemon, then set out to the northwestern ally of homes, to the tunnel underneath the town. When you go down in the tunnel, you'll notice a small little side ally, leading to a door locked until now. This looks like a prison of some sorts, underneath the big shop.

Hit the switches, and beat the rockets, to get to the elevator, where you head up to find that you're in the big shop. Go to the center to heal your guys, then go back into the house with the steel on it. Go to the 3rd or 4th floor (whatever one has the big door on it), and hit the switch which opens it. Once you beat all the rockets there, you'll finally be able to go to the next gym (it was blocked off it you stopped there before, but now it's free for entry).

To get to the next gym, head west (the guy who wouldn't let you through will no longer me there). You'll enter an ice cave, that has #220 URIMU, and some zubats, along with some really annoying ice mazes. It will take a lot of logic to figure out the first one or this map at, and you'll have to push down 4 boulders from the top level for the 2nd puzzle. The rest of the sliding ice puzzles aren't too hard.

You'll exit the cave, and find yourself in another town. The gym here is a dragon gym, where you'll again have to push down boulders from above to step over the lava to the leader. The leader is rather powerful, and has 2 dragonairs, then a #230 KINGUDORA, and another dragonite.

However, she's apparently either lost the badge, or isn't in the mood to give the badge to you! So, you have to surf behind the gym, to a cave. Once you get in there, surf around until you see a whirlpool. Using HM 06, the whirlpool will disapear. Now, surf around till a small little plank where you see an item ball. When you pick the item up, guess who appears: The 8th Gym Leader. She now has the badge, and you can now use HM07 that you got in the ice cave.


Now that you've beaten the 8 gyms, you can now go and get Houhou! In case you didn't know, Houhou is the rainbow legandary bird, and appeared in the first episode of the Television Series. Anyways, to get Houhou, go to the Town with the 4th Gym (the ghost gym). Now, goto a brown topped house that's next to another one that doesn't have a door. You'll go through and underground path to another one of those temple shrines. If you went there before you would have noticed that you couldn't do anything there. However, now there is a ladder so that you can go up the 2nd floor.... and about 5 more floors after that. To get around, you have to move over "jump squares" to progress to ladders going up. Once you get to the top floor, you'll see the bird like you would see a legendary bird in Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow. Remember to SAVE before you fight him, so if you don't catch Houhou, you can just turn the game off, and then turn it back on and fight him again. Make sure to have a ton of ultra balls (the pokeballs that cost 1,200), because noting else will catch Houhou, being at level 40 with a lot of recover attacks. Houhou has some sort of fireblast attack that's pretty powerful (since it only has 5 pp), possibly a leer attack, some sort of psychic attack, and recover.

3. The Shock League To get to the Shock League, you'll need all of the badges, and almost all of the HMs. Now, retrun to your home town, and travel east via surfing. You'll get to an area on a coast with a cave. Now, using HM 07 to float up waterfalls, you'll easily get past the cave, and on your way to the final cave before the leauge.

After battling a ton of trainers, you'll end up in an easy to solve cave (unlike Victory Road). Before you get to the end of the cave, your rival shows up for a final time, to determine if you're ready for the league. If you struggle beating him, trian your pokemon up some more. Once you finish this, you'll end up in the center/market. Make sure that you have at least 1 or 2 pokemon over 60. You'll also need 3 or 4 at 50 for backup. All those potions and such that you've picked up over the way should be useful. There are also probally 3 or so revives that you've picked up along the way to help.

The League has 5 trainers that you have to battle. The first one specailizes in Ice Type, The Second In Bug Type, The Third, Bruno, Specailizes in Fighting Types (duh), The 2nd To Last Gal uses Psychic Types, and has some ghost pokémon as well, and finally, Lance(?) who battled team rocket earlier finishes the leauge with some tough dragon pokémon. I'll get that more detailed by the next version.

Once you beat the league, you'll go through the credits, Oak and what looks like your Mom show up, and you finish. At the end it reads THE END... of course, that's not the case...

4. The 'Retro' World Now that you've become a pokémon master, it's time to take a step back into the past. Go back to Gym Town #6, with the empty gym. You'll now be able to get somewhere in the large buliding with 3 men guarding the port. This leads to a boat, and after beating some trainers on there it will arrive in the Red and Blue world! It's been modified, and upgraded with all the graphics, and all new trainers and revisions. There are still some mysteries, like where in the world is Misty, and how to get up some places. Because Bulbasaur has a little deadline, I don't have time to go into a full walkthrough of this area... yet.

5. What's New From Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green? Well, for one thing, the graphics are totally different. They're now in full color, and are much improved over yellow, which were improved over the 3 previous versions. Next, there are 106 new pokémon (at least), with several rare ones (where are lugia and houhou?). There is also a new clock feature, which determines if it's day or night (you can only get some pokemon in either hte day or the night). Each pokemon now has a male or female sign, and you can breed pokemon (although I'm not sure where that is).

I have yet to see the skateboard, which was rumored to be the new tranportation in the game. There were also rumors that Togepi evolved like eevee, with different stones, but those rumors have been squashed.

---Credits--- *- Writer - [TK]-Pikachu ( *- New Pokémon Names - Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden ( *- Thanks To Andog for tips on the Jolt Leauge, and HMs *- Written For - Poketoon ( *- Please do not steal this!

Legal Credits: Pokémon © 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999 Nintendo, Game Freaks, Creatures Inc. All Trademarks Used In This FAQ Are © Copyrighted Their Respected Owners. Roms are illegal in any use, including the "24 hour" trial. -------------------------------This FAQ Will Return-------------------

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