gt9syllabus Mr. Brooks
Catonsville High School American Government 9 GT
Mr. Brooks
Homework Line/Voice Mail:  410-788-7879 ext. 408
Web address:

Supplies Needed
3-Ring Binder with loose leaf paper
Spiral bound notebook

[every day students will . . .]
1. Pick up all hand-outs as they enter the classroom
2. Be in their assigned seat before the second bell rings
3. Begin the day’s drill immediately
4. Have any homework on their desk
5. Pick up make-up work from folders

No eating drinking or gum chewing in the classroom, except      
Hats will not be worn in the classroom
Show respect to everyone
Students must have supplies with them in class every day
The student is responsible for missed work

Your grade for this course will be calculated using the  
following percentages:

50% Classwork (includes participation)
30% Tests
10% Homework
10% Projects
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