gtal Mrs. Lyons
Bluebonnet Trail Elementary School GTAL Coordinator
Second and Third Grade students have two travel buddies.  Millie is visiting from Australia.  Pius comes from Missouri.  There is an interesting story with Pius.  He should have arrived at Bluebonnet last April.  Somehow he got lost on the way to Austin from Norway.  He did not arrive until September.  I contacted his teacher, and she said that Pius could visit with us until Christmas.  Luckily this teacher looped with her students from last year, so she has the same class who sent Pius off on his adventure last fall.  We are keeping in close touch with this class so that they will not loose Pius again.

Fourth and Fifth Grade students are studying Egypt.  We began our unit by investigating pyramids.  We have also burried items (apple, carrot, plastic, wood, etc.) to see how much each item will decay.  We have also begun making our mummy - King Cluck.  We began mummifying King Cluck on October 18.  We changed his salt and disposed of the liquid on November 8.  We were surprised by how much smaller King Cluck was.  Also, his joints were very stiff.  Once he is finished, we will display him in the library.
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