gte4 Mrs. Lam, Mrs. Lawrence, Ms Reichenbach, Mrs. Romeis, Mrs. Sprick, and Mrs. Transier
Greentree Elementary Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spelling
Fourth Grade Schedule

8:00-8:15 Homeroom
8:15-10:45 Session 1
9:20-10:20 Specials
10:45-1:30 Session 2
11:45- Lunch Romeis/Reichenbach
11:51- Lunch Lawrence/Lam
11:57- Lunch Transier/Sprick
12:15- Recess begins/restroom/DEAR Time/Journals and
       con't. Session 2
1:30-2:55 Session 3
3:05 dismissal begins


Fourth Grade Spelling Bee-Dec. 1
Spelling Bee Books available from The Office for $1.50 until Oct. 27, 2000.

                    *  Spelling Schedule  *

Monday:    Introduce Unit and spelling strategies,
           do independent work
Tuesday:   Study strategies, do independent work, finish for
Wednesday: Review Words, check classwork, and homework.
           Study Review and Challenge Words for Sentence
           Test tomorrow.
Thursday:  Write complex sentences with at least 8 words in
           each using spelling words called out by teacher.
Friday:    Unit Post Test of 10 words.
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