gtownlatin1 Ms. Callaway
Germantown High School Latin I Teacher
Salvete, discipuli!  Happy New Year!  I am looking forward to a successful semester for us all.  Check out this web page for updates on class, extra help, and games and activities that accompany what we are doing in class.


January 7- Calendar Quiz (30 points)
January 10- Report Cards
January 12- Chapter 13 Test
January 17- MLK Holiday
January 21- Chapter 14 Test
January 28- Chapter 15 Test
Progress Reports
February 3-7 Ms. Callaway in Orlando with cheerleaders
February 10- Calendar Projects due!
February 16- Six Weeks Test
February 18- End of 4th Six Weeks
February 21- Presidents' Day Holiday
March 10- National Latin Exam
March 13-17 SPRING BREAK
My Quia activities and quizzes
Chapter 13 Vocabulary
Class Discussion Vocabulary
Latin Concepts
Roman Calendar
Useful links
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