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St. Laurence Catholic School
Welcome Back to Middle School!!!!  Hope you had a great summer and you're ready to celebrate the new school year.
Staff members for the 2000-2001 school term are:  C. Francis - 6A Religion, S. Russo - 6B Math/Health/Service,
F. Brown - 7A English, A. Rankin - 7B Literature, R. Licato - 8A Science, M. Grado - 8B Social Studies, C. Boratko - Math/Science, C. Dahse - Art, R. Stone - Band,
A. Harbin - Business Tech/Computer Lit., G. Forrest - Choir, L. Breaux - Speech/Drama, M. Sodek - Spanish 1, E. Goldman - Spanish 2, J. Wheeler - Web Page Design, U. Stucka and J. Donati - P.E.
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