Geography & World Cultures
Dolan Middle School
August 2017

Dear Students & Parents: 

Welcome to 7th grade, and to Global History!  This year we will go on a journey around the world, studying the Middle East, Africa, & Latin America!

We will study exciting topics such as Mesopotamia, the Maya, Aztec, & Inca, Imperialism in Africa, Apartheid, and the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict, among others.

You will have a great year in Social Studies!  However, besides getting your homework done each day, here are a few things that will help insure a successful year: Make sure you get to bed at a reasonable time each night, eat a good breakfast in the morning, and come to school on time, ready to do your best.  Remember, EFFORT is important for success, so be organized, and put effort and pride into your work each day!

Looking forward to meeting all of you soon!

Mrs. Nuzzo
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