gwmslatin Magistra Dabbieri
George Washington Middle School  
March 29, 2000
Periods 4 and 5

Today you will be completing the Chapter 9 Ecce activities.  Complete three games on your own (no two player games) and then take the quiz. 

To take the quiz, click on quiz session and enter "preposition quiz" in all lower case letters and no quotation marks.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Chapter 9 Ecce Vocab.
This is a vocabulary memory game.
Chapter 9 Ecce Challenge
This is a jeopardy-like game.
Preposition Pop-up Quiz
This is a pre-quiz. Take this to practice before you go to the quiz session.
Preposition quiz: session preposition quiz
Type in "preposition quiz" and your name to begin.
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