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Hi, Students.  Summer's here at last.  This is Mr. C. here, and when you get back to School (it's gotta come some time) I'll give you homework and schedules for as many classes as I can (especially the ones I'm in.  In case you were wondering, I'm not going to help you cheat (when I mentioned I'll give you homework).  I'll try to give you the information on what homework you have to do (depending on what classes your in-8th Grade ONLY).  If any of the following people would like to be assistant directors of e-mail me. 


If you aren't on this list, but would still like to apply, e-mail me.  If you're not going into 8th Grade at Gideon Welles School, forget about it, sorry. 

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JacqNBox7 (Jacq)
Favorite Food: Swordfish
Favorite thing to do in spare time: Biking/Singing
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