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I'm so glad you have found our class page! Here is the class news for the week of February 5 - 9.

Special events this week include our Jr. Achievement program with Mrs. Black. The children seemed to really enjoy the class last week. We are also looking forward to a special visit from Harriet Tubman. The children will enjoy seeing this program on Tuesday, February 6. Parents, please remember that the children have a school holiday on Friday, February 9. They may like to know that the teachers will be in class that day!!  

The literature we are reading this week is a non-fiction book entitled Armies of Ants. We have been studying insects and other animals in science. The children will have an opportunity to learn more about ants as they work on their comprehension skills. Prior to reading the book, the children will be given the opportunity to make some true/false predictions. This is a great book to work on our fact/opinion skills. The vocabulary words for this week are:
            antenna   gaster  underground
            colonies  crop    thorax
There is a link below to play a vocabulary concentration game and a word search. Have fun!!

In language we will continue to work on our listening comprehension skills and have an opportunity to listen to and write different kinds of poetry. Parents, please note that there will be no daily edit test this week.

Spelling this week is Unit 23. Be sure to visit the link below to play a spelling hangman game!

In math we are continuing our study of place value. We will work on comparing and ordering three-digit numbers from least to greatest. I have challenged my students to collect 1,000 milk-jug lids. Please have your child bring in clean/dry milk-jug lids. We will bag them in groups of 10. Once we have ten groups of ten, we will put those ten bags into a large zip-lock bag to represent 100. The children will be responsible for counting and bagging the lids. Up to now, the students have grouped lids into 4 tens and there are 5 ones left over. When we have collected 1,000, we will celebrate with milk and cookies! Please ask friends and relatives to save their lids for our class!
    We will also begin counting money using dollars. It would be helpful to have your child count real money at home using dollars and cents.
    We will begin doing timed subtraction quizzes. The children will be given 4 minutes to start, and as they improve, the time will steadily be less and less. Please have them study their subtraction facts.

This six weeks in science, we are studying animals. The children have enjoyed talking and learning about animals! This week we will learn what a habitat is and how different animals have different habitats. The children have been introduced to the Big 6 method of research. Mrs. Krig took them through the process of using the Big 6 folder when we went to the library last week. A letter will go home with your child on Tuesday, February 6 about an animal project they will need to complete. Your child will need 1/2 of a white poster to draw their animal and place their facts. Please help your child memorize 1 or 2 facts about the animal so he/she can share that information with kindergarten and first grade students at our Creech Zoo! Once you have read the letter explaining the project, please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.  

Boys and girls, if you visit the class page, let me know by telling me the code word. Remember to tell me quietly.:) The code word this week is "ants". Tell me that word for a surprise treat! Thank you for visiting the class page! Be sure to visit the links listed below.
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