haddock Mrs. Haddock
Gideon Welles science
8th~ Here's the rest of the year schedule...

Mon 15th~ "Our dynamic Earth"  with W.S.
tues 16th~ work on visual and book
wed 17th Guest speaker Inside our Earth
thur 18th visual and book
Fri 19th Vocab Due for astronomy and review BOOK DUE!!!!

22~present   23rd~ quizes start   24th-25th~CAPT Lab test
26th Guest Speakerf weather and our atmosphere

29th Happy Memorial Day,  30 Day 3 quizzes,  31 Review for FINAL, 1st Review for final, 2nd Review

FINAL JUNE 5th,  6th , 7th,8th, 9th, I will miss you ..you have been an extrodinary class!!!!! Have a great summer!!

your next project will be plant collection.... for an A you need 30 plants...I will give you a rubric and assgn. sheet tomorrow. Please do not procrastinate!

Final June 5th we will review the week of the 30th!
I hope you're toning up for field day!! Don't forget your T-Shirt or the money!!!
The Humpbacks are at the Cape!!! Yeh!!!
Keep studying you're almost there!!! I will miss you guys you're awesome..Have a great summer and I'll see you next year!!
My Quia activities and quizzes
It's not easy being green
animal and plant classification: session plants and animals
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