hallman Miss Hallman
Bowie Middle School 6th grade Science teacher

We will be starting a unit on Chemistry and spend quite a bit of time learning how our world works in terms of very small parts!

What do you already know about CHEMISTRY?

You may already know a great deal about the subject and just aren't aware of it!  

What are the three states of matter?
What are the basic elements of our world?
What is the charge on a proton, electron, or neutron?

These are all questions that we will work to answer!

We will begin by investigating the elements and the Periodic Table that they create.  You may need to use page 170 and 171 from your Discover Science textbook for some of the activities.

Assignment One: Flash Cards
Start by practicing 25 basic elements and their symbols using the flashcards.  You may need to go through them more than once. When you feel comfortable with the elements move to Assignment Two.

Assignment Two: Hangman
Use the periodic table on page 170-171 of Discover Science to find the word.  Use the clues provided and watch your spellings!

Assignment Three: Word Jumble
Use the periodic table on page 170-171 of Discover Science to unscrammble the jumbled word!  Write your answers on the worksheet provided to turn in to Miss Hallman.

Additional Activities:  When you are done you can go to any of the additional links.  You may not wander off into uncharted territories!

Hang on and enjoy the new world of QUIA!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Element Flashcards
Use the flashcards to learn 25 symbols for chemistry elements.
Element Hangman
Carefully decode the elements before you hang your player!
Element Jumble
Use the periodic table to unjumble the mixed up element names!
Useful links
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