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Blanchard High School English I
Test Dates January 28--Epic Unit Test January 31--Vocabulary Test, words 1-10 February 1--Vocabulary Test, words 11-20 February 20/21-Romeo and Juliet Test Our study of Shakespeare and Elizabethan drama will begin January 29 and run approximately 4 weeks. Our Shakespeare play will be Students will be provided character descriptions, objectives, and summaries for the unit. In addition, students will be given study guide questions, open-book worksheets, and a quiz for each of the five acts of the play. Additional activities include the use of the media center to use Trakstar learning center and power point presentations. Students will be given the opportunity to accept reading parts and be given bonus points for their participation in this activity. Week of January 28-February 1 Monday--Epic Unit Test; introductory lecture on Shakespeare Tuesday--Lecture "The Life of Shakespeare" & "Elizabethan Drama" Wednesday--Periods 1-4, Trakstar in media center; Periods 5 & 6, video on Shakespeare's England and His Works Thursday--Vocabulary 1-10; reading of Prologue and Act I, scene 1, pages 335-341 Friday--vocabulary 11-20; readings, Act I, scenes 2-4, pages 341-350; answer reading guide questions 1-25. Week of February 4-8 Monday--Complete Act I, pages 346-356; complete study guide questions; selection test(I will do this with the students as a closure to the first act);quiz, Act I Tuesday--Act II, prologue and scenes 1 & 2, pages 357-364; study guide qustions 1-8 Wednesday--Act II, scenes 3-6, pages 364-375; complete study guide questions for Act II Thursday--selection test; Act II quiz; Act III, scene 1, pages 376-382; reading guide questions 1-4 Friday--Act III, scenes 2-4, pages 382-391; reading quide questions 5-34 Week of February 11-15 Monday--Act III, scene 5, pages 391-398; complete reading guide for Act III; selection test; quiz Tuesday--Act IV, pages 400-412; selection test Wednesday--quiz, Act IV; Act V, scenes 1-3, pages 413-426 Thursday--quiz Act V; view Part I of video Friday--video
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