hanshawclass Mrs. Hanshaw
St. Laurence Catholic School Music-grades PKAD,K,1st,2nd
Welcome to Music!  Be looking for current information regarding our curriculum this year.  I am looking forward to singing and moving with your child.  Have a great day!
This week in Music (August 27-September 1) we have touched on the following things:

   PKAD and Kindergarten--we learned the following songs
          "Sing a Little Song", "I'm Me,I'm Special",
          "Old Man Noah", "Rise and Shine", and
          "Skinnamarink".  You will hear some of these
          songs at the prayer service on Friday and some
          of them will be heard during the special
          presentations at Grandparents Day.  We hope
          you will enjoy them.  I am having a great time
          with them.  They are so much fun!

   1st grade--This week we worked on keeping the steady
   beat.  We sang "Hello Ev'rybody", "Clap Your Hands",
   "Peanut Butter" and "Goin'to the Zoo".  We have body/hand
   motions to do with most of these songs.  They were having
   to keep the steady beat using these motions.  It was
   sometimes very challenging!  They all seemed to enjoy it.
   Check in next week to see our new adventures.

   2nd grade--This week we reviewed steady beat with a new
   song, "Hello, There!".  It included an echo and the boys
   and girls took turns echoing to each other.  They thought
   it was funny!  We moved on to identifying high and low
   pitches.  We sang "America" and found the high/low notes.
   They did a great job!  I am currently teaching them a
   song,"Old King Glory".  We went to the Orff instruments
   for the first time and played part of the song using the
   high and low C.  This was very challenging but they did
   great for their first time on the instruments.  I look
   forward to working with them more and more on them.
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