hanshawmusic Mrs. Hanshaw
St. Laurence Catholic School Music-gradesPKAD,K,1st,2nd
Lesson Plans for February 11-15, 2002

Happy Valentine's Day!


PKAD-  This week we will focus on the letter L and songs of Valentine.  We will learn a wonderful song, "Wouldja Be My Valentine?" with some simple hand movements.  In connection with Presidents' Day, we will also learn "George Washington". 

KINDERGARTEN-  We will continue our review of the May program songs, "How Does Your Garden Grow?".  They are doing such an awesome job of singing and dancing to these songs.  They never grow tired of them.  We have been working on the musical alphabet of A,B,C,D,E,F,G and now we are ready to learn about the staff and how these letters go on the musical staff.  Once we are comfortable with their placement, we will try and recognize them on an actual piece of music and play that music with some pitched instruments.


FIRST GRADE and SECOND GRADE:  Our focus this week and for many weeks following will be preparation for our April 11th program.  We have 5 songs to learn as of now and 1-2 songs per grade level to memorize playing the Boomwhackers.  If you haven't heard about these fun instruments, just ask your child.  They love them.  I will be sending home some details about the program and asking for volunteers in early February.  Be watching!  WE ARE STILL CONTINUING OUR PROGRAM PRACTICE.  I AM HOPING TO GET THE VOLUNTEER SHEET OUT THIS WEEK.

As always, thanks for sharing your child with me and if you have any concerns and/or questions, email me here at this website or drop me a note!  
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