harmar Ms. Martin
South Forrest Attendance Center 3rd Grade Teacher
Welcome to third grade!!!  We are going to have a great year!!!

Students will have homework on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday!  Homework envelopes will be sent home each week with student's work.  Parents will need to review their work and sign that it was received.  Additionally, students will have a homework sheet that will be reviewed by parents each evening.  Please review all homework assignments and sign-off on the designated place for each day.  If students get homework sheet signed all week by parents they are allowed to go to the snack machine on Friday.  The only time students are not allowed to go is if a discipline problem occured during the week.

Special Projects:
Students will be doing research based projects using computers and hands-on material.  These projects will be posted on our class web page giving detailed information and due dates.   Some of those include:  volcanos, ooblick, earthquakes, reading fair, science fair, native american research, 3rd grade memory book.  

We currently have 19 students enrolled in our room. Hopefully, we will be creating an e-mail address for each student within the first month of school.  It is our goal to have each student create their own webpage before the end of school.

If you have any questions or need more information please call 545-7714 or e-mail harmar1020@hotmail.com.
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