harmar3rdgrade Ms. Martin
South Forrest Attendance Center 3rd Grade Teacher
Third Grade Memory Books:
   Each student just completed their 3rd grade memory books.  Each book contains pictures from class activities for the year.  A letter from each classmate telling them what they liked best about each other.  A page describing the three activities they enjoyed the most this year. Each of these will be displayed in our hall for your review.

Mother's Day Cards:
   Each student just completed their cards for their Mothers.  Each of these will be displayed in our hall for your review.

NINE Weeks Test Review:  
   We will begin our nine weeks test review this week.  Science and Social Studiest will be reviewed using a study guide.  Math and Language Arts will be reviewed with worksheets and educational games in the classroom.  The schedule for test are as follows:

Tuesday - May 16th-  Language Arts - Science

Wednesday -  May 17th - Math - Social Studies

Thursday - May 18th - Spelling

   We have just completed our final Theme Skills test for the year.  All students improved in all areas tested.  Please ask your child what he/she scored on their Theme Skills Test.

   We have just completed our chapter on long division. Many students are still learning the steps necessary to solve two-digit, and three-digit division.  Math nine-weeks test will include long division problems.
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