harrypotter Teressa Juzwiak

     After living  eleven miserable years with the Dursleys, Harry Potter finally finds out the truth about himself when he receives a manilla envelope with emerald-green writing asking him to report to Hogwarts, witchcraft and wizarding school. He discovers his parents did not die of an accident as his aunt and uncle have told him but that they were killed by Lord Voldmort,the darkest wizard for centuries. Harry manages to survive by some mysterious reason
     At Hogwarts he  becomes a member of Gryffindor house,whose team he will defend and where he will spend his free time, sleep and study for the school year. There he makes two new friends (actually his first), Ron and Hermione who will accompany him in many adventures. As the years go by he learns more and more about himself and the wizarding world with the help of his teachers: Professor McGonagall, the strict Transfiguration teacher; Professor Snape, the Potion Master and Professor Dumbledore, the school headmaster. He also meets his rival, the snobbish and insufferable Draco Malfoy and his two stupid followers, Crabbe and Goyle who will try to make his life difficult and Hagrid, a friendly half-giant who is the school gamekeeper.
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