hartranft Mrs. Hartranft
Denver Elementary School Fourth Grade Teacher
Welcome again to our class web site!  This week we are working on the following skills, concepts and activities:
Reading:  Reading-"Julian, Secret Agent"
Learning about Problem solving and decision making

Writing:  comparing with adjectives
Continue working on an ABC adjective book with a partner ROUGH DRAFT DUE FRIDAY

Math:  Check with math teacher

Spelling:  Vowel + r words (check agenda)

Social Studies:  Reviewing chapter 4 material; learning about time lines and making one; colonial PA; using map scale and the PA frontier; TEST IS TUES., DECEMBER 5

Handwriting:  upper case cursive letters

Have a great day!
Book Orders due 11/20

December 6-  No Mrs. Hartranft (personal day)

December 15-  1:30 dismissal-  teacher in-service

December 18-  Evening performance of holiday concert

December 19-  Mrs. Hartranft meeting AM-  substitute TBD

December 20-  Gingerbread house day

December 25-Jan. 1-  No School

Day 1:Music and Book Buddies
Day 2:Gym
Day 3:Art
Day 4:Music and Computer Lab
Day 5:Library
Day 6:Gym
Monday: Practice spelling words;  Social Studies-  finish time line and practice chart and vocab. from ch. 4  

Tuesday:Practice spelling words; Math-  check agenda; 
Social Studies-  Practice vocab and chart from ch. 4 and worksheet on William Penn

Wednesday:Practice spelling words; Math- check agenda;   Social Stiudies-  practice vocab and chart from ch. 4 and worksheet on map scale

Thursday: Practice Spelling words; Math- check agenda; 
Social Studies- Practice vocab and chart from ch. 4 and finish Pioneer child interview worksheet

Friday:   Have a great weekend!   :o)
December 1-  Spelling test
Rough Draft of ABC book due

December 5-  Social Studies ch. 4 test

December 8-  Spelling test

Practice multiplication and division facts!!!
My Quia activities and quizzes
The First Pennsylvanians
Useful links
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