hasmusic Miss Lander
Holy Angels of Dayton Music Teacher
Dear Students,

   Here is what is happening in music throughout March, April and May.    
   Grades One, Two and Three will be preparing acts for a Kinderconcert they are going to put on in May.  The theme will be Song and Dance Around the World.  Each class will be performing songs and dances from a different country or culture.  The date for this will be May 23rd from 7:00-9:00 in the gym.
   Grades Four Five and Six will be finishing the Composer Video Series and then learning to play the recorder.
   Attention, Junior High.  You have only so many Masses remaining in the school year.  If you have a certain song you want to sing after communion that is appropriate for Mass, let me know.  Also, anyone who plays an instrument or sings and wants to form a singing group for your graduation mass, be sure to tell me.  
   Grade 7 and 8 will get as far as they can through the Rock 'N' Roll History Video Series and finish all testing over course material.
   Because of Stations of the Cross, 8G will be missing music unless we can work out an alternate schedule.  I will be co-ordinating with Mrs. Drescher about this problem.
   I'm looking forward to a successful and fun final quarter!


                      Miss Lander
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